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Updated: Saturday October 23, 2004 22:55




The clocks that make it into my permanent collection must be "all original" , meaning that the movement must be 'correct' for the case and there be no additional holes or evidence that would indicate the clocks is a marriage.  It was quite common in past years to create a marriage by putting a newer movement into a case rather than fixing it.  It has been my experience that a clock marriage can be worth somewhat  less than an all original clock, even though , by looking at the clock hanging on the wall, you'd never see the extra holes behind the face.  Of course, if you a person who just wants a beautiful clock and doesn't care about 4 extra holes behind the movement that you cannot see, you'll be able to save a LOT of money.   Note:  Just because I have it for sale, doesn't mean it is not all original.  Sometimes, I just run out of money to buy more.   I don't like to sell, but to keep buying, I must :(


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