6 Disasters
Bad Packing

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The following photographs are examples of why
you really do want clocks professionally and properly packed.

Each of these I purchased (NOT sold)
and each of these arrived at my house like this

 < German Picture Frame  >
German2trFrameBroken_Pack_1.jpg (76532 bytes) German2trFrameBroken_Pack_2.jpg (60114 bytes)
German2trFrameBroken_Pack_3,jpg.jpg (88636 bytes)
(Didn't make it)
(Movement was not secured and during transport hands broke through the glass)

< Vienna Regulator - 2 weight >
Vr2wt_GR_3_Pack_1.jpg (44882 bytes)
Vr2wt_GR_3_Pack_2.jpg (72155 bytes) Vr2wt_GR_3_Pack_3.jpg (71696 bytes) Vr2wt_GR_3_Pack_4.jpg (75049 bytes) Vr2wt_GR_3_Pack_5.jpg (45923 bytes)
Vr2wt_GR_3_Pack_6.jpg (34962 bytes) Vr2wt_GR_3x_Pack_7.jpg (63592 bytes)
(Even the dog could smell and hear the broken bits as I gently carried this one in)
(The weights were packed in the center of the clock case )
(and they rolled around, came loose and smashed everything)

< Vienna Regulator - 2 weight >
 Vr2wt_Big_Pack_1.jpg (56283 bytes) Vr2wt_Big_Pack_2.jpg (60380 bytes) Vr2wt_Big_Pack_3.jpg (85212 bytes)
(Didn't make it either)
( Note that this was double boxed, well padded and still arrived damaged )

< German Mantle Clock >
German2tr_Fusee_Pack_1.JPG (57994 bytes)
German2tr_Fusee_Pack_2.JPG (69056 bytes)
(Didn't make it either, Seriously broken !Note all the crud packed in with the gears. Bad! Bad! Bad!)

< Vienna Regulator - 2 weight >
 Vr2wt_GB_Carved_Pack_1.jpg (70751 bytes)
(No! There's only light cardboard between the saran-wrap and the clock,
 ( and yes, part of the clock is sticking outside of the box)

< Vienna Regulator - 1 weight  >
 Vr1wt_Schelesinger_Pack_1.jpg (60167 bytes) Vr1wt_Schelesinger_Pack_2.jpg (67279 bytes) Vr1wt_Schelesinger_Pack_3.jpg (67541 bytes)
(Didn't make it either)

< Vienna Regulator - 1 weight  >
Vr1wt_Riter_Tape_On_Wood_Case_1.jpg (85745 bytes)
(Except for the packing tape on the front of the clock veneer)


_ProfessionalPacking.jpg (113073 bytes)
Postal&UPS insurance requirements:
They need at last 3 inches of padding on ALL sides
The (experienced) professional I use
packs to this requirement and beyond.
[ This avoids that endless loop of "It wasn't packed adequately ]
(Yes, we've won a claim, sadly it was necessary once)

Here's some packing tips I've written
<Click here for Packing Lessons Learned by Dean>
They're a bit rambling,
but perhaps you'll find something useful here

Copyright 2002, Dean Kinard, All rights Reserved